Is Donald Trump’s Safety at Risk? Dan Bongino Assesses the Potential Danger for the Former President

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

The most recent polling data shows former President Donald Trump is still dominating the rest of the GOP field for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination and now appears to have a leg up in the general election as well.

A new University of New Hampshire-CNN poll found Trump is ranked first in the Granite State at 39 percent, followed by Vivek Ramaswamy at 13 percent, Nikki Haley at 12 percent, and Chris Christie at 11 percent. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is ranked fifth at 10 percent, a 13-point drop since the last such poll in July.

These numbers come despite the fact that Trump has not consistently been on the campaign trail and his strategy appears to be, in Megyn’s words, “pivoting to the general” election. In a head-to-head with President Joe Biden, Trump is up four points.

This all led Megyn to wonder whether there will be some kind reaction from the left as Trump’s support continually fails to falter. On Friday’s show, Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent and author of The Gift of Failure, weighed in on the specific ways Trump’s safety is in danger and whether he’s being protected enough.

Is Trump in Danger?

Megyn outlined the possibilities of what could happen if Trump ends up securing the GOP nomination and/or winning the 2024 election. “[Is] there a realistic possibility the left is going to so meltdown as his power rises, as he rises toward a second term, that they try to do something to him, God forbid, or that they try to do something to our country,” she asked. 

Bongino said he strongly believes the left will “do something crazy” if Trump prevails. “I’m afraid of that,” he expressed. “I had said this months earlier on my podcast… the threats against Donald Trump’s life are very real.” He pointed to the Democracy Integrity Project, a nonprofit group founded by Daniel Jones, a former FBI analyst and staffer for Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and the Senate Intelligence Committee. 

Before the 2020 election, Bongino said the group released a guide for “how to take back the election” if Trump won or “if there’s any kind of squabble about the results.” It was encouraging people, according to Bongino, to take to the streets. “Just look at what they were promoting,” He said. “This wasn’t, by the way, some tomato can group of ham and eggers here; this was like higher ups in the Democrat Party promoting this stuff. “

Is Trump Safe?

Bongino said he has been in touch with people “in the business” who “are fighting every day with Secret Service headquarters over basic security mechanisms for Donald Trump because his life is at risk, like, right now,” he stated.

He blamed it on optics. “There’s a fight going on almost every single day because some of the people up there are Joe Biden cronies and don’t want to make Donald Trump look even more presidential with a greater detail,” Bongino said. 

Megyn said you can’t underestimate the level of anti-Trump sentiment that exists. “He really drives so many on the left insane,” she noted. Bongino said those flames are stoked by the press. “These goons in the media… don’t give a damn,” he concluded. “I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if something happened – sad but not surprised.”

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