With Illegal Border Crossings Back to Record Levels, Mark Levin Explains the Democrats Immigration Long Game

AP Photo/Eric Gay

The surge of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S. southern border has shown no signs of slowing down. In fact, new data shows the number of migrant encounters approaching record levels after a summer slow down.

On Thursday’s show, Megyn was joined by Mark Levin, author of The Democrat Party Hates America, to discuss the latest illegal migration figures and what’s behind the Democratic Party’s long-game on immigration.

Surge in Border Crossings

Illegal crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border have risen in September. New data shows U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is encountering significantly more migrants per day than it was in the summer months, which was largely considered to be a lull after record-setting numbers in May.

According to data obtained by NBC News, border officials encountered more than 7,500 migrants on Sunday alone. The busiest sector was the Rio Grande Valley of Texas with more than 1,800 apprehensions; followed by Del Rio, TX, with more than 1,600 apprehensions; Tucson, Arizona, with more than 1,500; and El Paso, TX, with more than 1,000. 

Drone footage from Fox News, meanwhile, captured some 2,200 migrants crossing the border near Eagle Pass, TX, early Monday morning. On Thursday, the network’s Bill Melugin tweeted that, per CBP sources, the number of crossings had returned to historic highs.

Over 10,000 migrants were reportedly encountered at the border in a 24-hour period. Some 8,500 were Border Patrol apprehensions and some 1,600 occurred at CBP ports of entry. As Melguin explained, it brings the U.S. “to the all-time record high levels we last saw in May before the end of Title 42.”

The Long Game

As Megyn noted, the trend is clearly heading in the wrong direction. “In case people think it was just today, no, it’s been inching up,” she said. “I mean tens of thousands are coming in week after week after week, flooding the southern border in Texas and then of course they get bused elsewhere.” 

At this point, Megyn said there only seems to be one way to describe the crisis. “I used to kind of question the use of the term ‘invasion,’ but I’m not sure what other word there is [now],” she said.

Levin said the numbers speak for themselves. “Five to six million illegal aliens [under] the Biden administration and God knows how many others were given an official rubber stamp of approval – I bet we’re at the 10-million mark,” he said. “And I want people to think about that for a second because where are all these people? You see them at the border, but now they’re in every part of the United States. Who are all these people?”

As he explained, the infrastructure does not exist “to know who most of these people are” and it’s leading to “mayhem” – but it is also by design. “This is not nature,” he said. “This is manmade because [President] Joe Biden refuses to enforce the existing immigration laws.”

Instead, the Biden administration either makes the “unbelievable” claim that the border is secure or they blame Republicans for not supporting comprehensive immigration reform. “We don’t need comprehensive immigration reform; we need border security,” Levin shared. “And presidents know how to do this, if they want to do it; and presidents know how not to do it, if they don’t.”

In this case, Levin believes the Democrats are playing a long game. “They’re playing long ball – they want to turn Texas,” he said. “They turned Arizona. They turned Nevada. They’ve turned New Mexico. They almost turned Georgia.” But how can that be accomplished? “You might say, ‘Well, illegal aliens can’t vote.’ But when they’re here long enough, their children are American citizens – they can vote or you have chain migration,” Levin explained. “People aren’t even thinking about that.”

Ultimately, Levin sees this as one of the most serious issues facing the U.S. today. “This is the most outrageous assault on the body politic on the American people in modern American history,” he concluded. “The greatest enemy we have here is not the Communist Chinese… it’s the Democrat Party.”

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