Kanye West’s ‘Wife’ Covers Up Naked Body with Pillow During Another Bizarre Outing in Italy

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Kanye “Ye” West and his ‘wife’ Bianca Censori’s Italian getaway continues to get weirder by the day. 

The couple, who reportedly ‘wed’ in a non-legally binding ceremony earlier this year, are under investigation by officials in Venice after seemingly being caught in an intimate act while on a boat ride in the city earlier this month. This week, Censori was caught walking around with a pillow covering her presumably naked body.

On Tuesday’s show, Megyn was joined by Daily Mail columnist Maureen Callahan to discuss the strange sartorial situation and how the bizarre behavior from the pair may be in line with what we already know about West.

Censori Bares All

There seems to be a new paparazzi picture every day of Censori, an Australian architect, sporting some sort of sheer outfit while trailing West. “It’s so weird,” Megyn said. “[She’s] walking around Italy… looking like some sort of drugged-out abuse victim. I’m not saying she is abused; I’m saying that’s what she looks like.”

This week, she was seen wearing flesh-tone pantyhose with a tube top that Megyn said “looks like an ace bandage around her enormous breasts.” But that is not even the most risque look. Censori was also photographed using a purple pillow to cover what is assumed to be her bare chest, while her lower half was merely adorned with the see-through stockings. “She had no clothes,” Megyn noted. “It was just a pillow over her breasts.”

While the body-con looks are certainly provocative, they at least allow Censori to show her face. “Maybe it’s an improvement from what she wears the other half of the time, which is like a mask over her face,” Megyn said. “I don’t know what’s happening here, but I feel really uncomfortable with it.”

The Naked Truth

Like Megyn, Callahan is uncomfortable by what the images of West and Censori seem to portray. “She looks like a hostage,” she said. “She looks like she’s drugged out and not in control of herself.”

Even so, the behavior is not necessarily out of the ordinary for the rapper. “It’s historically proven – and you can date it back through magazine articles and even the Kardashian’s show – when Kanye decides he is going to bring you into his world as a romantic partner, he makes you over in the image and likeness that he sees fit,” she explained. 

Callahan noted that former West paramours have said that they were told they needed to look a certain way in order to be seen with him in public, but she believes Censori’s ‘makeover’ goes too far. “What I find really disturbing is he’s gone to the point of visually negating her, sort of rendering her not even human with the covering of her face, her head, her entire body,” she shared. “This, to me, seems to be Kanye saying, ‘This is my ideal woman: She can’t see, she can’t speak for herself, she can’t hear, you can’t interact with her, I own her, she is my property.’” 

Megyn noted that people who claim to have known Censori before she coupled up with Kanye are concerned for her well being. “[They are] saying this doesn’t seem like her – she is someone who is normally very lively,” she said. “But in these pictures she looks miserable.” 

While Megyn encouraged Censori to “run,” Callahan wasn’t so sure a clean break is possible. “I find it really, really creepy,” she concluded. “And I just do not think things are going to end well here.”

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