‘What the Hell?’ Megyn Reacts to the Compromising Photos of Kanye West and His ‘Wife’ in Venice

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Kanye “Ye” West and his ‘wife’ Bianca Censori are being investigated by Italian authorities after being caught in a compromising position during a boat ride in Venice. The pair made headlines last week when photos of West’s bare buttocks circulated online.

On Tuesday’s show, Megyn was joined by Emily Jashinsky, culture editor at The Federalist, and Eliana Johnson, co-host of Ink-Stained Wretches, to discuss the NSFW photographs and what has happened to West in recent years.

What Went Down in Venice

West and Censori sparked outrage last week after photos emerged of the Grammy winner exposing his naked rear while sitting on the back of a river taxi in Venice. Censori, an Australian architect who reportedly ‘wed’ the rapper in a non-legally binding ceremony earlier this year, was seen kneeling in front of him. 

Law enforcement is now investigating the incident after receiving complaints from passersby who witnessed the intimate act. “His pants are off and his wife – who seems to be some sort of kidnap victim, she never looks happy, she’s always wearing the weirdest clothes – appears to be fellating him,” Megyn said exasperatedly. “And this, I guess, passes as appropriate conduct?”

The boat rental company has denied the driver had any knowledge of what was going on but has since said the couple will be banned for life. Various officials in Venice, meanwhile, have told the media that the behavior demonstrated a lack of respect for the Italian city.

The Decline of Kanye West

The indecent act and exposure is a new low in what has been a bizarre string of public outings from West and Censori this summer. The pair has repeatedly been photographed by paparazzi in unusual outfits, including a series of sheer looks on Censori.

Jashinsky called the situation “insane,” “unbelievable,” and yet “another sign that Kanye West is clearly not doing so well despite the entire world kind of rooting for him.” She said the photos leave little to the imagination. “It’s very obvious what’s happening,” she said. “And frankly, I wish I hadn’t clicked on them.”

Johnson noted the incident is especially ironic when you consider the criticisms West has lobbed against his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. “I thought he left Kim because he didn’t like her un-Christian behavior,” she shared. “So…”

While Megyn agreed that this is reflective of the “continuation of [West’s] deterioration,” she also questioned his relationship with Censori. “There is something that feels misogynistic about him and that wife who constantly has her face blocked out and veiled, she never looks happy,” she concluded. “What self-respecting woman would go out in the nude clothes that she wears… and then gets down on her knees in public and fellates [her husband]? Something not right is going on there.”

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