Megyn Announces ‘Huge’ Interview with Former President Donald Trump on ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’ Next Week

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

I want to start today with the big announcement – you might even say a ‘huge’ announcement. 

Here at The Megyn Kelly Show, we’ve welcomed many of the 2024 contenders. Vivek Ramaswamy has been on several times, as has former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. You may also remember my lengthy sit down in late July with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Even Democratic hopeful Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has been here since his announcement. 

Next week, I’ll be interviewing former President Donald Trump. It will be my first interview with him in seven years, and there is so much to cover. I am sitting down with him in person and am going to have a lot of time to get into a variety of topics. It’s going to be spicy and it’s going to be tough, but it’s also going to be good. Hopefully, we’re both going to enjoy it – I think we’re all going to.

I’m really looking forward to bringing you this, and I’m very glad that he agreed to do it. He is not saying ‘yes’ to everyone. Donald Trump knows that I am not somebody who suffers from ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ like the vast majority of people in the media, but I am also not a sycophant. I’m not going to go in there and be a bootlicker. It’s going to be fun, and he can handle it perfectly well. 

The sit-down will air in full on Sirius XM Triumph (channel 111) and be released on YouTube, Rumble, and via podcast platforms on Thursday, September 14, so mark your calendars.