Megyn Shares the Funny Bathroom Prank Her Kids Pulled Off That Had Her Blaming the Wrong Child

We’ve all been there – you have to go the bathroom but look over to find someone has used up the last of the toilet paper. If you’re lucky, there is a box of tissues nearby to use instead. If you’re not, well, maybe you are being pranked…

On Instagram, Megyn shared the hilarious situation she found in a bathroom at her beach house:

Instead of a roll of toilet paper, she was greeted with a roll of… masking tape?! “Life with a 10 year old is full of surprises,” she captioned the picture, assuming the swap out was the handiwork of her youngest son Thatcher.

As it turns out, Megyn suspected the wrong child. “Some keen observers on here asked if there was a message and by God there is (I missed it!),” Megyn said in a subsequent post. “Now I see this was the work of our 12 year old and the 10 year old was wrongly accused!”

Fortunately, the message on the tape had some friendly advice for where to find the missing roll: “Get Pranked!!!!!! No but if you are dying there’s toilet paper under the sink hehe hehe”