‘There Is a Rip!’ Megyn Almost Suffered a Wardrobe Malfunction During Her Interview with Gov. DeSantis

Megyn was in the Sunshine State on Wednesday and Thursday to interview 2024 GOP presidential hopeful and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. It was her first time meeting and sitting down with the governor, and, on Friday’s show, she shared some behind the scenes moments and the near wardrobe malfunction she suffered on set:

Dinner with the DeSantises

My team and I had dinner with Gov. DeSantis and his family the night before, so we got to meet Casey as well. Let me tell you, that relationship is legit. They really are in love. You could see it in the way they look at each other. You could see the way she has his back, the way she would sort of tee up the right conversations that would reflect well on him. She has her own distinct opinions, of course, but she is a very loyal partner. And he’s defensive of her too. It’s nice to have the thought of a couple in the White House that actually is madly in love, has each other’s backs, and is young and vibrant.

They have young, beautiful kids who we also had the pleasure of meeting. They’re adorable. They’re six, five, and three and have been in a political house basically their whole life. My impression of the family was it’s a very happy one.

The discussion that we had at dinner is off the record, so we’re not going to get into the substance here. But I will tell you that he’s extremely knowledgeable about every single issue that I brought up to him. I mean, there was no issue on which he couldn’t go 10 deep on. And it was interesting to hear him talk like that. We got to some of it in the interview. We went deep on Disney. I know that the audience is on his side on that, but I’ve got my issues that I keep raising.

It was interesting to listen to him fight that fight and explain himself not just once but go to the next level as well. He can do that on everything. His thoughts on the Supreme Court and on the justices that are up there is very interesting stuff. We didn’t have time for it in the sit down, but we’ll hopefully get to it in another one.

And I will tell you this, too: He’s funny. He was doing impressions that had us in hysterics. I had never seen that side of him. He didn’t really want to adopt the term ‘reset,’ and he’s certainly said that doesn’t mean a change in messaging. But I do think if he puts himself out there more and allows himself the opportunity for more relaxed interviews that are long enough that he can show another side, he’ll do better. I do think that’s a smart next move for him.

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Dress Dilemma

Another fun behind the scenes piece of color is I was on the fence about whether I was going to wear that pink dress that you saw or a red dress that I also brought with me. The red dress was a little too buttoned up. It was 100 degrees out. I felt the inspo and decided to wear the pink dress, which I thought was great.

The interview was very early in the morning, and, as soon as I sit down, I realize on the right side there is a rip! A tear! There was a rip in my fancy dress for an interview with the sitting governor and presidential candidate. If you watch the interview, I’m never taking that arm away from the side because God knows what could have happened. What if the whole thing had torn open?

Ladies, have you been there? It’s like everything is all set and then the dress tears. Clearly, there was too much steak dinner the night before.

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