Wait, What Was Going on With Megyn’s Hotel Room Before Her Interview with Gov. DeSantis?

I noticed after I checked into my hotel in Florida and unpacked my things that the door to my room was making a weird sound when I opened it. I investigated, thinking maybe a ceiling tile was scraping against the door. As you’ll see in this video, it wasn’t just a single tile:

It was basically all of the ceiling tiles in the little foyer of my room – INSIDE MY ROOM, keep in mind – that were lifting up every time the door opened or closed. It was leaving the room (and me) rather exposed to whatever was on the other side of those tiles, which was clearly some kind of crawl space. 

By the time I discovered this with my assistant Abby and executive producer Steve, it was around 11pm. We were going over our game plan for the interview with Gov. Ron DeSantis one last time. It was pretty late, and I was too lazy to change rooms. So, I just changed my clothes in the bathroom and hoped for the best.

It was probably not the smartest move, but I was tired! I lived – though now I am kind of waiting for weird pics of me sleeping to turn up on the internet.

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