Secret Service Declares It Will Never Know Who Brought Cocaine into the White House

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

It looks like we are never going to know who brought cocaine into the White House. During a closed door briefing on Thursday, the Secret Service told Congress it is wrapping up its investigation and does not have any leads.

The security breach was first discovered on July 2 when a uniformed Secret Service officer spotted a small plastic bag filled with a white substance in a storage cubby on the ground floor near the West Executive Avenue entrance of the White House. The building was briefly evacuated, and the powder was sent for further testing. It was later determined to be cocaine.

The cubbies where the drugs were found are reportedly used by staff, contractors, and some visitors to store electronics and other personal items not permitted in the West Wing. The entrance is near where some official vehicles – like the vice president’s transportation – park and is in close proximity to the Situation Room (which is currently undergoing renovations) and a dining area.

On Thursday’s show, Megyn was joined by Michael Knowles, host of The Michael Knowles Show on The Daily Wire, to discuss the investigation, lack of results, and similarities to the failed search for the Supreme Court leaker.

The Investigation Leads Nowhere

After 10 days of looking into how a dime bag of cocaine made it into the West Wing of the White House, the Secret Service has completed its investigation and found… absolutely nothing. “I firmly believe if they really wanted to get at the bottom of this, they would have,” Megyn said. “If cocaine shows up in the Biden White House as opposed to like a Trump White House, they don’t really have a lot of interest in it. Who are they trying to kid?”

According to reports, there is no usable evidence – forensic or video – identifying the person responsible. Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN), who attended the Secret Service briefing that occurred at the request of House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY), called the gathering “the most ridiculous meeting of all time” in a video posted on his way out. “It turns out they don’t know who did it,” he shared. “The investigation is going to be over at the end of the week, and they’re not going to find out who did it.”

The congressman did not mince words in his characterization of the situation. “Basically, it’s another cover-up,” he said. “It’s the most secure building in the entire world… they have facial identification, they have got your Social Security number… nobody goes in there without them knowing.” All in all, “this is a bad look on the Secret Service, and a horrible look on this White House,” he added.

Knowles said the results (or lack thereof), while disappointing, are not surprising..”What’s the Secret Service going to do,” he asked. “Ultimately, they’re all answering to ‘The Big Guy’… who gets 10 percent, and it’s quite clear that… if the Biden DOJ is going to let the president and his family off the hook for not only suspected crimes of very high public corruption but crimes we’ve caught in some cases in text messages, in emails, on video, on terabytes worth of of images, then of course they’re going to let the guy get away with a dime bag of coke.” 

Whose Cocaine Is It?

We will likely never know who left their cocaine in the cubby. And while Megyn said it is “probably not” Hunter Biden’s, he might actually be the least alarming suspect. “Trump is out there saying we can’t have a cokehead in the White House, which is not a not a bad point,” Megyn said. “It’s worse than Hunter Biden… if somebody who’s actually making policy and advising the president on policy is on serious drugs.”

As Rep. Burchett noted, it’s impossible to get into the West Wing of the White House without extensive screening – something Knowles experienced first hand. “I’ve been to the West Wing on precisely one occasion, but you learn a lot,” he shared. “When you walk in there… the first thing you notice is it’s pretty small… the second thing you notice is the security is very tight.” He said “there are cameras everywhere” and people are “watching your every move.”

And then there are the visitor logs. “If there actually were a desire to get to the bottom of this… the Secret Service would be interviewing those 500 witnesses because they know who all of them are, as the congressman was pointing out,” Megyn said. “You know exactly who goes into the White House and when over that limited period of time.” 

While this might be a case involving, as Megyn said, “a small amount of coke,” it speaks to a larger concern. “The point is, is there a cokehead in the White House,” she asked. “It was… not far from the Situation Room, which is under construction, but my point is that they have access.” Knowles agreed that it is “a matter of real public concern.”

Similarities to the SCOTUS Leak

Megyn couldn’t help but see the parallels between the Secret Service’s probe into the cocaine and Supreme Court Marshal Gail Curley’s investigation into the bombshell May 2022 leak of a draft opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that reversed the landmark 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision. “The fix was in from the beginning on that Supreme Court leaker,” she explained. “These two things have direct parallels because in that case too they said, ‘We didn’t find her or him… and we’re not gonna investigate any further, we’re not gonna kick it to the FBI.” 

Knowles said both ‘investigations’ ended cold because there was no real pressure for them to continue. “Nobody’s really got control over the Supreme Court, so if the chief justice doesn’t want to release the results of the investigation, if he doesn’t want to hold the leaker to account, that’s his prerogative,” he explained. “And none of us are going to bring any political pressure to stop it.”

He said the same logic applies to this scenario. “The Biden White House knows that we’re not going to press hard enough when it comes to the cocaine found in the White House,” he said. Why? “With all of the other scandals before the Biden administration, they know that Republican firepower is going to be elsewhere,” he shared. “They’re going to take this one as a freebie, and Republicans are going to try to focus more attention on… the border crisis, or the impending World War III, or the apparent selling of state influence by the Biden family.”

At the end of the day, “this issue is just a matter of political circumstance,” Knowles concluded. “It’s not going to have enough pressure to make them do anything.”

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