Explosive Allegations Emerge as the ‘Missing Witness’ in the Biden Corruption Case Comes Forward

AP Photo/Meg Kinnard

The whistleblower who was dubbed the “missing witness” in the Biden corruption investigation by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has broken his silence on the case while on the lam.

The informant – Israeli professor Gal Luft, PhD – explains in great detail bribery allegations against President Joe Biden and his family in a 14-minute video obtained exclusively by The New York Post and columnist Miranda Devine.

On Thursday’s show, Megyn called Luft’s accusations “potentially explosive” and was joined by Charlie Kirk, founder and CEO of Turning Point USA and Host of The Charlie Kirk Show, to discuss the claims and what it means for the Bidens.

Who Is Gal Luft?

Back in May, Rep. Comer made the admission to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that he and his committee had lost contact with a top witness in their investigations into the Biden family. Luft is apparently that so-called “missing witness.”

Luft is said to be a fugitive, but, as the Post described, he once had deep ties to Washington, D.C. For some two decades, he served as co-director of the Institutes for the Analysis of Global Security, a Washington-based think tank focused on energy security. He was also a senior advisor to a Chinese energy company, CEFC, at the same time it was working with the Biden family.

Luft was arrested in February at an airport in Cyprus after Interpol issued a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of arms trafficking. “The U.S. government says Luft is an arms dealer and they want him extradited to America to face charges of conspiring to sell Chinese weapons to Kenya and several other countries,” Megyn explained. “Our Department of Justice is also accusing this guy of violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act, better known as FARA.”

Luft denies the claims and instead says he was arrested in an effort to prevent him from testifying before Congress. He believes the allegations of arms dealing are an attempt to smear his reputation. The video was filmed at an undisclosed location because Luft has been a fugitive since April when he apparently jumped bail. On camera, Luft maintains that he is apolitical. “I want to be clear I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat,” he says. “I have no political motive or agenda.”

What Luft Knows About the Bidens

Luft says he is familiar with the relationship between the Biden family and Chinese energy and intelligence officials because of his time as an advisor at CEFC. As he explains in the video, he had a secret meeting with the DoJ in Brussels in 2019 to discuss what he knew. The six-person U.S. delegation reportedly included four FBI agents and two prosecutors from the southern district of New York. 

He specifically highlighted the attendance of FBI Special Agent Joshua Wilson from the Baltimore field office, whose name you might recognize from another Biden investigation. “He was the guy who would later handle the Hunter Biden laptop case,” Megyn noted. “It would make sense if the DoJ had him… looking into allegations that Luft was making about Hunter’s alleged corruption that, when the laptop surfaced… they would send the same guy.”

During the meeting, Luft says he laid out the payment scheme, which allegedly included $100,000 a month to Hunter and $65,000 a month to then-former Vice President Biden’s brother Jim Biden (paid through a Biden family associate named Rob Walker) in exchange for FBI connections and the ability to use the Biden name to promote China’s ‘Belt and Road’ infrastructure initiative.

In the video, Luft had this to say about the meeting:

“Over an intensive two day meeting, I shared my information about the Biden family’s financial transactions with CEFC, including specific dollar figures… But perhaps the most alarming information I revealed was of a mole within the DoJ who shared classified information with Hunter Biden and his Chinese partners. I told the DoJ that Hunter was closely associated with a very senior retired FBI official who had distinct physical characteristics. He had one eye… the FBI knew, from me, about the Biden CEFC deals before they got hold of the laptop – way before…”

– Gal Luft

There is plenty of speculation as to who the “one eye” official is, but the person has yet to be named. Regardless, Megyn said it feels like the plot of a Hollywood movie. “There’s an FBI mole – a former FBI guy or current FBI guy – sharing information with the Chinese because they’re connected with the Bidens? Because the Bidens are asking them to do it,” she asked. “That’s an extraordinary allegation.”

What Comes Next for Luft

Luft made it clear that he is on the run and believes he will continue to be. “Over the past four years that followed, me, my family, my friends, my associates, we’re all harassed, intimidated, and, finally, I was prosecuted,” he says in the video. He does not, however, plan to go away quietly and challenges the DoJ and FBI to release all that they have on him and the information he has shared:

“Why won’t the DoJ make my indictment public? Do it. Make my day. Put it on your website so that every American can see the nature of the allegations against me, the quality of the evidence, and the length the government is willing to go to weaponize the justice system to punish whistleblowers like me… Submit to Congress the minutes from the Brussels meeting. Let everybody see what happened in Brussels…

Why did the DoJ choose to unseal the indictment on November 1, 2022 – the very same week of the midterm elections? Could this have anything to do with the fact or the fear that once Republicans gain control over Congress and begin to investigate, their cover-up would be in full display… Perhaps the biggest question of all is why am I being indicted for FARA… when the mother of all FARA cases, Biden’s systemic influence peddling on behalf of foreign governments for which they raked in millions, goes unpunished?”

– Gal Luft

What This Means for the Bidens

Megyn admitted that this entire situation – as is the case with most of the investigations into the Biden family – is, at best, “confusing” and full of unanswered questions. With that said, Kirk said there are some similarities between the various cases that should not be overlooked. “Remember, there’s like five or six different allegations that are happening that have a little bit of a rhythm to them, which is: The Bidens didn’t offer any service except their access and proximity,” he shared.

The most explosive extraordinary revelation from Luft – that the Bidens had a “one eye” mole in the FBI – plays right into that. “This is a new wrinkle that they were auctioning off, basically, access to FBI agents,” Kirk noted. “They were kind of saying a wink and a nod like, ‘Hey, do you want preferential treatment? You got to put us on retainer for $100,000 a month and we can navigate the FBI for you.’”

In Kirk’s view, the crux of the “Biden family enrichment scheme” is this pay to play arrangement. “It makes you wonder: When Joe Biden was vice president of the United States, was he setting up pieces of the government to be auctioned off at a future date and time to be able to be monetized by his son,” he asked. “This is the way that third world governments operate… it’s just pay for play right from the moment that you land; it’s who you know, how you know them, and you have to just kind of grease the wheels and keep on going.”

While the Republican-controlled House of Representatives may be doing its best to investigate the seemingly never-ending stream of allegations, Kirk said there is only so much you can do given the current focus of the DoJ. “This does not even touch the surface of the active covering up that is going on right now… and it really makes you wonder if there is going to be a breaking point to all this,” Kirk concluded. “That remains to be seen, but it doesn’t help the case that this Department of Justice is going after… the leading opposition candidate and former president with such ferocity while completely ignoring the now repeated pattern of crimes of the incumbent president.”

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