Megyn Calls President Biden a ‘Fraud’ for Refusing to Acknowledge His Seventh Grandchild

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The drip, drip of new information related to First Son Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings, tax evasion, gun charges, and drug use continue on the daily – though much of the mainstream media ignores the news. 

The story of Hunter’s long-running child support case was getting a similar silent treatment until The New York Times finally published an article on the granddaughter President Joe Biden pretends does not exist over the weekend.

On Wednesday’s show, Megyn was joined by Amala Ekpunobi, host of Unapologetic Live, and The Federalist writer Evita Duffy-Alfonso to discuss why the Biden family refuses to acknowledge the child and hypocritical nature of the situation.

Hunter Biden’s Child Support Saga

Navy Roberts is the four-year-old daughter of Hunter. Her mother, who resides with the child in Arkansas, is 32-year-old Lunden Roberts. The New York Times identifies her as a former “personal assistant” to Hunter, who worked for him in mid-2018. But it has widely been reported that she was working at a Washington, D.C.-area strip club when she met him.

From the time of Navy’s birth, the Biden family has tried to distance itself from Roberts – though a paternity test proved that Hunter did, in fact, father the child. He has subsequently sought to minimize his financial contributions and block his daughter from using the Biden surname.

Last Thursday, Hunter and Roberts settled their years-long child support dispute, staving off a trial. According to The New York Post, Roberts agreed to a reduced monthly payment of $5,000 from $20,000. As part of the settlement, she will also drop her demand that Navy be allowed to take the Biden family name. Hunter, meanwhile, will reportedly have to give his daughter some of his paintings.

The New York Times Investigates

In an article titled “Hunter Biden’s Daughter and a Tale of Two Families,” the New York Times claims to dive into “the story surrounding the president’s grandchild in Arkansas, who has not yet met her father or her grandfather.” The outlet says the situation “is about money, corrosive politics, and what it means to have the Biden birthright.”

Roberts told the Times that her daughter is aware of who her father and grandfather are. For their part, the President and First Lady have never acknowledged Navy despite speaking regularly about their grandchildren. The Times references an April event with children during which President Biden said he has “six grandchildren” that he’s “crazy about” and speaks to “every single day.”

As expected, the Times said the White House “did not respond to questions about the case,” though it is apparently an internal topic of discussion. “In strategy meetings in recent years, aides have been told that the Bidens have six, not seven, grandchildren, according to two people familiar with the discussions,” the co-authored article said. It also noted that “several of the president’s allies fear that the case could damage his re-election prospects.”

While the piece spends plenty of time admonishing Republicans for calling attention to the situation, it does admit that President Biden has an image problem on his hands:

“His public image is centered around his devotion to his family — including to Hunter, his only surviving son… President Biden has worked over the past half-century to make his last name synonymous with family values and loyalty. The strength of his political persona, which emphasizes decency, family and duty, was enough to defeat Mr. Trump the first time around, and he would need to keep it intact if Mr. Trump is the Republican nominee in 2024.”

‘You’re a Fraud, Sir’

Considering family has been the centerpiece of President Biden’s political persona, Megyn and her guests couldn’t get past the hypocrisy of the situation – especially in the wake of the extended Biden family being seen together at the White House for Fourth of July festivities. “The Biden family’s super tight, super loving, super close – unless you were the product of an extramarital relationship with a stripper, in which case you don’t exist,” Megyn said. “Joe Biden has seven grandchildren, not six.”

Ekpunobi finds the whole thing to be “really sad.” “I just feel sad for this young child… who knows of [her] father’s existence, knows that [her] grandfather is the president,” she explained. “And [she’s] living in a less than privileged life, as detailed by the New York Times… [while] watching other kids get the attention and the privilege that you really deserve by virtue of being born the daughter of Hunter Biden.” 

In Megyn’s view, President Biden “tries to sell himself as the example of father and grandfather extraordinaire” and pointed to his proclamation issued on Father’s Day that read, in part:

“Fathers are critical to raising the next generation and to teaching their daughters and sons about the values that matter most.  They demonstrate responsible fatherhood and foster healthy perspectives on masculinity…  My dad, Joseph Robinette Biden Sr., taught me… that, above all, family is the beginning, middle and end — a lesson I have passed down to my children and grandchildren.”

She was unmoved. “You’re a fraud, sir,” Megyn concluded. “You’re a fraud until you admit that you have a seventh grandchild and you teach those very lessons.”

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