14-Year-Old Irish Girl Behind Viral ‘I Am Not a Dress’ Poem Speaks Out About Trans Indoctrination

Earlier this month, Kellie-Jay Keen (a.k.a. Posie Parker) took her Standing For Women ‘Let Women Speak’ rally to Belfast, Northern Ireland. During the event, a 14-year-old girl who goes by the pseudonym Brandubh took the stage to deliver a powerful poem titled “I Am Not A Dress.”

It didn’t take long for her impassioned performance to start making the rounds on social media, and one of Megyn’s producers sent her a video of it last week. She was moved by the message of the poem, and, on Friday’s show, Brandubh joined Megyn to discuss the inspiration behind her words.

“I Am Not A Dress” by Brandubh

As Megyn shared, Brandubh’s poem has been on repeat in her house. “I tweeted it out that day, and I have played it privately numerous times since then,” she said. “If you are looking for the motivation to use your voice, listen to this two minutes.”

“I Am Not A Dress” by @brandubh4

We are women, we are warriors of steel.

Woman is something no man will ever feel.

Woman is not a skill that any man can hone.

Woman is our word and it is ours alone.

I am not a dress to be worn on a whim, 

A man in a dress is nonetheless a him.

Women are not simply what we wear.

If this offends you, I do not care.

I am not an idea in any man’s mind 

And my purpose in life is not to be kind. 

So while my rights are trampled every day of the week, 

I will not stand by being docile and meek.

I am not defined by sexist lies. 

There is more to a woman than that shallow guise,

That guise of dresses, bikinis, and skirts.

Those clothes are not what womanhood is worth.

I am not a bitch, a TERF, a whore, a slag,

Hysterical, witch, a slut, a hag.

No, I am a woman. I am a female, 

Who will not let her rights be put up for sale.

I am not defined by what men are not,

So to hell with cis misogynistic rot. 

I am a woman, I’m not as subset of my sex. 

If this makes me a dinosaur, so be it, I’m a T-Rex.

I am not a bleeder nor a menstruator,

A womb carrier or a uterus haver.

These words and phases are such a sham.

Just call me woman, it’s who I am.

We are women, we are warriors of steel.

Woman is something no man will ever feel.

Woman is not a skill that any man can hone.

Woman is our word and it is ours alone.

“It brings tears every time,” a visibly emotional Megyn said after hearing the poem again. “I can’t believe that she came up with this – she’s so young and the messaging is so spot on.”

The Inspiration Behind the Poem

Brandubh, who is a high school student in Ireland, uses a pseudonym and wears a disguise because of the backlash and bullying she has received as a result of speaking out about biological reality and trans indoctrination. 

As she explained to Megyn, she started writing “I Am Not A Dress” after hearing others speak up for women’s rights. “I first came up with the idea when I attended an event in Ireland in November,” Brandubh said. “It was called ‘Women’s Space to Speak’ and one woman shared a poem she had written, and I was like, ‘Hey, I think I could do something really good.'” She went home and came up with the first couple of lines that same night.

Trans Ideology in Schools

Megyn said she was shocked to learn of the “indoctrination” that is happening in Ireland. “You needed this in your own life for just sick reasons,” she lamented. “When I read about what’s happening to you, I thought, ‘Oh my God, we have it easy over here – Ireland has lost its loving mind.’”

Brandubh shared that just weeks into starting secondary school in Ireland, there was a week dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community – though, in her words, it was mostly meant to “shove TQ+ propaganda down their throats.”

She gave the example of reading material provided in one class. “It was just full of misinformation and it said stuff about… gender identity and gender expression and how your sex is assigned at birth, which is just ridiculous,” Brandubh explained. “It’s not assigned, it’s observed – and many women have it observed in utero before the baby is even born.”

She started asking questions about the booklet, and “it all went from there.” As she explained, teachers told her she was “being transphobic” and making “offensive comments” in voicing her concerns. At one point, Brandubh said her science teacher told her “that being a man or a woman has nothing to do with our reproductive system.” The irony was lost on her. “This is my science teacher, and she told me that with a straight face,” she said. “It’s just insane.”

Speaking Out Despite the Backlash

While Brandubh has been largely ostracized by her classmates and teachers for speaking out, she credited her mother for preparing her for what was to come. “We had no idea it would be as bad as it was,” she shared. “But, just in case, mum told me about all this trans stuff, so I was prepared for it if it did happen.”

Megyn praised Brandubh’s mother for being her “advocate” and “helper” through this process, and she emphasized just how important her words are. “It’s a battle cry – that’s what it is,” Megyn concluded. “It’s a battle cry for women to remember who they are, what they’re capable of, and what they should and should not stand for.”

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