Ep. 833 George Clooney Wants Biden Out, Nancy Pelosi Wavers, and Democratic Elites Are Panicked

Megyn is joined by Glenn Greenwald, host of Rumble’s System Update, to discuss the increasing likelihood that President Joe Biden will be forced to step aside as nominee, Rep. Nancy Pelosi refusing to say she supports Biden, George Stephanopoulos “caught” saying Biden can’t make it four more years, how the Democrats could force Biden to step down, George Clooney’s explosive New York Times column calling on Biden to step aside as the nominee, the spin that Barack Obama walking Biden off the stage at Clooney’s fundraiser was a “cheap fake,” why it took so long for people like Clooney to actually speak out, what Biden’s debate debacle really exposed, Democratic and media elites pushing Biden out, Donald Trump’s new nickname for Vice President Kamala Harris, how her habit of laughing can make people uncomfortable and is all about her ego, her major limitations as a politician, the alarming new polling for the Biden campaign, how the polls could drive Biden’s next move, and more.