Ep. 828 Could Cringe Kamala Really Replace Biden, and False Media Narratives on Immunity Ruling

Megyn is joined by Mike Davis, founder of the Article III Project, to talk about the major Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity, the full scope of the decision and its implications, the definition of “official acts” and “absolute immunity,” the false narratives after the ruling in the press, Rachel Maddow worrying about “death squads,” the left jailing the right rather than the other way around, how the Supreme Court decision could help Donald Trump’s New York conviction get overturned or even potentially delay his sentencing, Justice Clarence Thomas’ warning to Special Counsel Jack Smith that could affect the Washington, D.C. and Florida cases, and more.

Then, Andrew Klavan, editor of The New Jerusalem on Substack, joins to talk about alarming new details about the true nature of President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline now leaking out through the media, the collapsing narratives that we’re seeing after the debate, whether liberals will see the media has been lying to them, a cringe new video of Vice President Kamala Harris trying to seem cool, whether Governors Gretchen Whitemer or Andy Beshear could be the new Democrat nominee, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) firing the first public shot at Biden after the terrible debate, and more.