Ep. 827 Media Quits Biden Cover-Up, and Trump’s Massive Immunity Ruling from Supreme Court

Megyn begins the show by discussing the very real possibility President Joe Biden could drop out of the 2024 race by the end of the week, as corporate media outlets favorable to Biden are now calling for him to step aside. But will he listen?

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, author of Right Wing Revolution, joins to talk about whether Democratic politicians will start turning on Biden, the corporate media no longer willing to engage in the Biden cognitive decline cover-up, whether First Lady Jill Biden could take over as the nominee, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski pushing ridiculous pro-Biden spin this morning, one Biden surrogate assuring there’s a “team of people that will help govern,” who really might be running the country, whether Democrats will look to avoid a Ruth Bader Ginsburg situation by pushing Biden out, Donald Trump’s smart debate strategy of letting Biden fail, CNN moderators’ surprisingly strong performance, the Supreme Court massive ruling for Trump when it comes to immunity, the difference between official and unofficial acts as president, how the ruling could affect Trump’s Georgia and Florida cases too, Justice Clarence Thomas’ warning to Special Counsel Jack Smith as part of the immunity ruling, Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s alarming recent judicial rulings, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson joining with the conservatives on the court in the January 6 ruling, Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s “treason” comment in her immunity dissent, and more.