Ep. 820 CNN Host Cuts Trump Spokesperson’s Mic, and Bombshell New Bryan Kohberger Reporting

Megyn is joined by Howard Blum, author of When the Night Comes Falling, to discuss new details about Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger’s conversations with his father on their cross-country road trip after the massacre, how his father may have suspected his son’s involvement, new details about his behavior at Washington State University, whether Kohberger was casing the victims’ house or having an internal conflict about it, Blum’s reporting about who the target of the attack really was, the possibility Kohberger had seen the victim before, what the surviving roommate saw and texted about with her other roommate at the time, theories on why she didn’t call the police right away, Kohberger’s older sister’s suspicions of him, and more.

Then, Erick Erickson, author of You Shall Be as Gods, joins to discuss how Joe Biden and Donald Trump are preparing for the important first debate on Thursday, whether Trump will be able to keep his composure, Trump’s success in previous debate, the importance of creating a moment the audience will remember, CNN host Kasie Hunt cutting the mic of a Trump spokesperson who mildly criticized her colleagues, why debate moderators are subject to criticism, the left’s instincts to silence those they disagree with, the lack of spirituality and faith in America and around the world, turning to government over religion, how to reverse the negative trends, and more.