Ep. 816 Fraud Week: How a Crypto Convict Managed to Make Millions Before Getting Caught

It’s ‘Fraud Week’ on The Megyn Kelly Show, and Megyn is joined by Jonny B Good and Ray Trapani, whose story was told in the Netflix doc Bitconned and his Creating a Con podcast. They discuss Trapani’s life growing up, the challenges he faced as a kid, his early life of crime, how he scammed pharmacies, exposing the flaws in the system, the “bold” fraud that brought in millions before anyone caught on, the logistics of crypto, the way a crypto journalist mistakenly validated Trapani’s company, how much fraud exists in the crypto universe, the “fake CEO” installed as the head of Trapani’s crypto company who they found by googling “old white man,” the way they ultimately “killed” him off, how the South Koreans resurrected their crypto con, how the company eventually imploded, how Trapani turned his life around and got married and had kids, and more.