Ep. 815 Fraud Week: Unraveling the Mystery of Ed Shin’s True Identity and Chris Smith’s Disappearance

It’s ‘Fraud Week’ on The Megyn Kelly Show, and now we turn to the story of Ed Shin and Chris Smith, with the prosecutor in the case, Matt Murphy, author of The Book of Murder. Matt and Megyn discuss Shin’s past financial crimes, Shin’s double life involving gambling and more, Shin’s relationships with his business partner Chris Smith, the mysterious circumstances of Smith’s disappearance, the strange emails Smith sent to his family for months, how Shin eventually was caught, the evidence that he had something to do with Smith’s disappearance, what the motive may have been, where Shin may have disposed of Smith’s body, the moment in the trial he was able to grill Shin on the stand, the key moment that was crucial to getting Shin convicted, how great at lying Shin and other fraudsters are, why Shin will never admit the truth because of California’s “crazy” legislature, and more.