Ep. 814 Fraud Week: ‘Pioneering’ Fiancé Doctor Pulls Off Massive Personal and Medical Fraud

It’s ‘Fraud Week’ on The Megyn Kelly Show, and we begin with the story of former NBC producer and journalist Benita Alexander and her ex-fiancé Dr. Paolo Macchiarini. Alexander talks about how she met Macchiarini for a report she was working on about regenerative medicine, his personality and confidence, what drew her to him personally, the way he seemed with patients, how it started to fall apart, the tactics her fiancé used to keep up the fraud like “love bombing” and other signs of narcissism and arrogance, the thrill some people get from lying and conning people, the secret client list he said he had involving the Clintons and the pope, her fiancé’s lies about the pope marrying them, his actual relationship with the Vatican, why he chose to amplify the lies he was telling, whether he was a pathological liar and sociopath, how she came to find out Macchiarini had been living a double life and lying to her, the revelations about his multiple families, what happened after she confronted him, how Macchiarini’s con extended professionally and medically, the reality of the supposedly innovative plastic windpipe surgery he spearheaded, advice for other women on how to spot the red flags, and more.