Ep. 813 Hunter Biden’s Daughter’s Mother Speaks Out, and Glenn Loury on Overcoming His Demons

Megyn is joined by Glenn Loury, author of Late Admissions, to discuss the racial attacks on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, outrageous claims of Thomas “grifting,” Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) being targeted after speaking about the collapse of the black family post-Jim Crow, Joy Reid and Elie Mystal attacking both men on MSNBC, The New York Times expose of Ibram X. Kendi exposing his fall from grace, how his racist ideas have fallen out of favor, the reason he decided to write a deeply personal tell-all book, his admissions about drugs and sexual encounters, the response he’s gotten to the book, his upbringing and his thoughts on President Obama, and more.

Then, Lunden Roberts, author of Out of the Shadows, to discuss the first time she met Hunter Biden while he was wearing boxers and doing drugs, how it was much more than a one-night stand, her empathy towards his addiction, how her cell phones were mysteriously wiped shortly after she found out she was pregnant, why it appeared as though someone was deleting records of her relationship with Hunter, Hunter’s reaction to her pregnancy at first and then later, her choice to go through with the pregnancy and the lesson for other women, how she felt hurt and ignored by the entire Biden family, Jill Biden’s hurtful exclusion of her granddaughter Navy, the callous way Hunter talked about her in his book, having to file a lawsuit against Hunter to admit paternity, what it is like for her daughter to have President Joe Biden as her grandfather, how it will affect Navy in the future, and more.