Ep. 811 Donald Trump as the ‘Pop Culture President’, and the Rise of Female ‘Rage Rituals’

Megyn is joined by Alex Clark, host of The Spillover, and Mary Morgan, host of Pop Culture Crisis, to discuss former President Donald Trump joining TikTok, how he is the “pop culture president,” the Biden campaign pushing the Apprentice N-word story, how the media is hoping to smear Trump without revealing the audio or video, Pride Month participants openly discussing the involvement of children, how the ‘LGB’ is separate from the ‘T,’ the sexually explicit nature of so many of these Pride parades, an elderly pro-life activist being sentenced to two years in prison, how the left is trying to make an example out of her, the odd trend of female “rage ritual retreats” that have women screaming in the woods, how they attract rich liberal women, the decline of testosterone in America today, and more.