Ep. 810 Hunter Biden Texts Torpedo His Defense, and Kamala Harris Calls Donald Trump a ‘Cheater’

Megyn is joined by legal experts Viva Frei and Phil Holloway to discuss how Hunter Biden’s very real laptop is taking center stage in his federal gun trial, how the laptop was spun by “intel officials” in 2020 Russian disinformation, the way the media was more than happy to participate in the propaganda, the double standard about the laptop and Donald Trump’s supposed “election interference,” the details of what Hunter is accused of regarding the government gun forms, obvious proof that Hunter was addicted to and still using crack cocaine when he bought the gun, his incriminating text messages from his brother’s widow, how Vice President Kamala Harris calling Trump a “cheater” on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, the left politicizing the Department of Justice and the justice system, the audio excerpts from Hunter’s memoir about his drug use that are being played in court, the stalled status of Trump’s Georgia case, whether Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis will get removed from it, and more.