Ep. 809 Pride Month Pandering, Caitlin Clark Controversy, and Woke Drama at Washington Post

Megyn is joined by Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report, to talk about the new CEO of The Washington Post calling out his woke newsroom’s failures, the pushback he got for appointing white men in leadership positions, the push by the left and media to celebrate jailing their political opponent, James Comey resurfacing, how much better the country was under Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton taking a victory lap after the Trump verdict, children’s entertainer Ms. Rachel celebrating Pride Month, the FBI getting involved in Pride parades, how much Caitlin Clark is helping the WNBA, Sunny Hostin and others calling out her “white” and “pretty” privilege, Clark getting shoved on the court by another player, Kim Kardashian being featured on a new magazine cover for her acting, her daughter’s controversial performance in a Lion King production, and more.