Ep. 808 Hunter Biden’s Criminal Trial Begins in Delaware, and Media Celebrates Trump Verdict

Megyn is joined by Emily Jashinsky, D.C. correspondent for Unherd, and Eliana Johnson, editor in chief of The Washington Free Beacon, to discuss the details of the Hunter Biden criminal trial starting today in Delaware, why he is most likely guilty, Hunter’s history of drug use and treating people poorly, President Joe Biden politicizing the case by weighing in, how the media is covering for President Biden as Hunter’s trial begins, how the judge’s rulings have been far more fair than those of Trump trial Judge Juan Merchan, Dr. Anthony Fauci grilled before Congress today, his lack of accountability and refusal to take responsibility, the truth about mask mandates and social distancing that we know now, how Democrats and Biden will call Trump a “convicted felon” as a campaign focus, whether Trump getting jail time or house arrest would help or hurt him, the left getting a little too excited over the Trump verdict, George Stephanopoulos’ obvious bias, Joy Behar’s oversharing about “leaking” after she heard the conviction, speculation over Melania and Trump’s marital agreements, Mehdi Hasan’s terrible commentary on MSNBC, who Trump will choose as his vice presidential pick, a disgusting clip celebrating ‘top surgery’ on RuPaul’s Drag Race, how it is insulting to women everywhere, and more.