Ep. 801 Trump’s Massive Bronx Rally, Nathan Wade’s New Lies, and Pride Month Madness

Megyn is joined by legal experts Andy McCarthy and Phil Holloway to discuss the judge in Donald Trump’s New York trial withholding jury instructions from the public, jurors being exposed to outside influence during the Memorial Day weekend, why the jury wasn’t sequestered, the political pressure on the jurors and the judge to get a conviction, the way the prosecution is spinning the case, how the prosecution still hasn’t revealed the actual crime, if the Trump defense should have rested after they established Michael Cohen as a liar on the stand, former Trump special prosecutor Nathan Wade continuing to lie about what really happened with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, an exclusive statement from Wade’s ex-wife’s legal team about his erroneous claims, Joy Reid’s embarrassing interview with Wade, and more.

Then, Jesse Kelly, host of TheFirstTV’s I’m Right, joins to discuss the massive turnout at Trump’s rally in the Bronx on Thursday evening, whether events like this will actually affect the 2024 election, Democrats opening the border and focusing on illegal immigrants over black and Hispanic Americans, Walmart unveiling its Pride Month merchandise, major corporations favoring profits over customers, NBC’s Queer Planet doc about LGBT animals, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) vs. Biden judicial nominee over male sex offender allowed to serve time in a women’s prison, and more.