Ep. 797 Bill Maher on Biden’s Pandering, Woke Left Supporting Terrorists, and the Value of Disagreement

Megyn is joined by Bill Maher, author of What This Comedian Said Will Shock You, to talk about how radical gender ideology involving kids is like “entrapment,” the rise of the common sense middle and non-extremists, not being afraid of losing audience, whether Democrats should replace Joe Biden with ahead of the election, the most important issues in 2024, the difference between Republicans and Democrats, contrasting opinions on issues like Hunter Biden, the border, and “democracy,” woke progressives and social justice warriors standing with Hamas and other terrorist groups, the need for the left to support women and actual liberal ideals, the Ben Affleck vs. Sam Harris Real Time moment, Biden’s embarrassing Morehouse College commencement address pandering to Black voters, why wokeness is the opposite of liberalism, no longer being allowed to say things like “reservation” or “master bedroom,” why American immigrants oppose illegal immigration, Stormy Daniels’ changing story about what really happened with Donald Trump, if Trump will be convicted, whether it will have any impact on the election, the value of conversation with those we disagree with, and more.