Ep. 796 Michael Cohen Admits to Stealing from Donald Trump, and Protecting Women’s Sports

Megyn is joined by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) to discuss Michael Cohen getting hammered during cross-examination in Donald Trump’s New York criminal trial, Cohen admitting he stole money from Trump and the Trump organization on the stand, how his comments could hurt the prosecution’s case, the shocking interaction between two congresswomen during a House hearing, the unprofessionalism that we are seeing in Congress, the Biden Justice Department asserting executive privilege and blocking release of the audio of President Joe Biden speaking with Special Counsel Robert Hur, Britt’s response to the State of the Union address, how the media reacted to it, their new proposed Senate bill that would protect IVF, how IVF helps families, why it is conservative, and more.

Then, Riley Gaines, author of Swimming Against the Current, joins to discuss her experience being harassed by activists, her mission to stop the infiltration of biological men in women’s sports, what it was like to be in the locker room with Lia Thomas, the vulnerability of female swimmers changing in the locker room with a biological male, the blowback she got after deciding to speak out, her goal of winning a national title, how it was hindered by having to compete against Thomas, female athletes being shamed out of standing up for themselves in our culture today, and more.