Ep. 795 Dan Bongino on Michael Cohen’s Lies, Trump’s Debate Plan, and MSNBC’s Embarrassing Segment

Megyn is joined by Dan Bongino, host of The Dan Bongino Show, to discuss Joe Biden finally agreeing to debate Donald Trump, Biden’s cognitive decline over the past four years, what Trump’s strategy should be in the June CNN debate, whether Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. will be involved, felon and liar Michael Cohen’s rough cross-examination, whether the biased New York City jury will hate Cohen or Trump more, the sleazy and slimy stories coming out about him while he is on the stand, the media claiming it was racist when Trump said Black people were supporting him after his criminal indictments, Black voters telling MSNBC they actually do support Trump because he is being persecuted by “the system,” Hunter Biden going on trial next month, the media spinning President Biden’s “psychological torment” over it, Biden’s history of lies, Vice President Kamala Harris saying “so much” but “so little,” her failed attempts at seeming relatable by dropping an F-bomb, and more.