Ep. 794 Michael Cohen Hammered on Cross Examination, and the Key to Raising Resilient Kids

Megyn is joined by Gary Vaynerchuk, author of Day Trading Attention, to discuss staying positive and being practical in life and business, how to get the attention of your audience in America today, how social media has changed the way we communicate, how hard work trumps luck, today’s social media algorithms giving anyone the opportunity to succeed, how false praise is destructive, the ways worry about judgment from others hurts our happiness, how modern parenting often lacks consequences and accountability for kids, and more.

Then, legal experts Dave Aronberg and Andy McCarthy join to discuss the latest news from the Trump business records trial in New York, Michael Cohen getting hammered on cross examination, whether he is hurting the prosecution’s case despite being their supposed ‘star’ witness, the details of the alleged “hush money” payment, all the discussion about whether or not Trump “reimbursed” Cohen, whether the jury will believe Cohen despite his history of lying, Cohen’s changing story in the media vs. on the stand, and more.