Ep. 792 Biden Agrees to Debate Trump, Cohen Crushed in Cross, and Possible ‘Baby Reindeer’ Lawsuit

Megyn begins the show by detailing the breaking news that President Joe Biden has finally agreed to two debates with former President Donald Trump, the shocking news that the first one is expected to happen in June on CNN without any audience, and more.

Then, attorneys Marcia Clark and Mark Geragos join to discuss the logistics of what might happen if Trump is found guilty in his New York criminal trial, the possibility of actual jail time while awaiting sentencing or a suspended jail sentence, whether he might have to wear an ankle monitor, the details of the fiery cross-examination of Michael Cohen by Trump’s defense team, Cohen’s glaring credibility issues, whether his public hatred of Trump will affect how the jury sees him, what happens next in the trial, the real life woman portrayed in the Netflix series Baby Reindeer, whether she has a case against Netflix and the show creator, her viral interview with Piers Morgan, whether she will sue him, and more.