Ep. 790 Michael Cohen’s Glaring Credibility Issues, and the Decline of U.S. Public Schools

Megyn is joined by legal experts Viva Frei and Phil Holloway to discuss former President Donald Trump’s one-time lawyer and ‘fixer’ Michael Cohen taking the stand in his New York criminal trial, why Cohen and Stormy Daniels could be extortionists, the various reasons Cohen might not be trusted, the lack of evidence in the case, the outrageous gag order on Trump while witnesses keep talking, Cohen’s obsession with Trump, the shady reason Cohen secretly recorded the former president, Cohen’s original story that he paid Daniels out of “love” and “loyalty,” what made him completely change his tune and hate Trump, the Fani Willis disqualification case heading to the Georgia Court of Appeals, Willis’ RICO case against Trump apparently collapsing, and more.

Then, Corey DeAngelis, author of The Parent Revolution, joins to discuss the indoctrination happening in public schools, the rise of school choice as a viable alternative, the failures of public schools in the United States, how teacher’s unions are hurting kids, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the problems and making things worse, and more.