Ep. 789 Stormy Daniels’ Trump Testimony Backfires, and Michael Cohen’s Credibility Issues

Megyn starts the show recounting her near-catastrophic experience on plane today with her assistant Abby, the pilot’s scary explanation of what happened, and more.

Then, legal experts Arthur Aidala, Mark Eiglarsh, and Phil Holloway join to discuss whether Stormy Daniels taking the stand helped the prosecution or the defense in Donald Trump’s New York criminal trial, her history of writing porn scripts and whether it matters, how the jury was reacting inside the courtroom, whether Judge Juan Merchan’s bias is relevant, Daniels attempting to claim she felt threatened during her alleged sexual encounter with Trump, her constantly changing story, Michael Cohen’s shoddy credibility ahead of him getting on the stand Monday, NBC’s “checkbook journalism” hypocrisy, and more.