Ep. 788 Failures of Elite Media, and Hypocrisy of Left on Mob Behavior, with Bari Weiss and Nellie Bowles

Megyn is joined by Bari Weiss, founder and CEO of The Free Press, and Nellie Bowles, author of the new book Morning After the Revolution, to talk about The New York Times proudly not covering important stories like the Hunter Biden laptop, the dumpster fire Slack channels at elite institutions, corporate media being “late to the party” and giving independent media a two year window to cover interesting stories, the mob harming the janitors at Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall, the privileged protesters pretending to be victims, the left hypocritically refusing to come to the defense of workers and condemning mob behavior, radicalism rising in America and Jews “not counting,” protesters who go for the vibe, the insane anti-Israel letter from the National Lawyers Guild Columbia University chapter, the NYPD’s mic drop response, where the hateful campus protest chaos goes next, the power of simply being “normal” in today’s culture, the need for alternatives to the craziness and a reality-based media, the woke movement against what is “knowable,” what happens next regarding support of Israel by the left and right, their marriage and parenthood, Bowles falling in love with Weiss while both were at the Times, how it taught her the true values of the left and legacy media, the push to join a cancel mob but the need to resist it, how “the gays have won,” and more.