Ep. 786 Stormy Daniels’ Inconsistent Testimony, and How the Judge Is Losing Control of the Trial

Megyn is joined by legal experts Julian Epstein and Phil Holloway for a special edition of The Megyn Kelly Show focused on Stormy Daniels’ testimony in the New York criminal trial of Donald Trump. They discuss how Judge Juan Merchan has lost control of the trial, Daniels’ inconsistencies and changing story about her alleged sexual encounter with Trump, how she is now claiming to have “blacked out” during it, the unnecessary details being brought into testimony about condoms and more, why the testimony could be prejudicial, the possibility a conviction could get reversed on appeal, Daniels’ claims of being threatened and how the defense pushed back, Daniels’ admitting she hates Trump and wants to see him jailed, the massive developments in the disqualification case against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in Georgia, whether that election interference case could go away for Trump, special prosecutor Nathan Wade speaking out about his resignation, Willis refusing to testify before the Georgia State Senate, the indefinite delay of the federal classified documents case against Trump in Florida, and more.