Ep. 785 Media Love for Stormy Daniels, and Previewing ‘Mr. Birchum’ with Adam Carolla, More

It’s a Mr. Birchum-themed special episode of The Megyn Kelly Show. First, Megyn is joined by Adam Carolla, creator of Mr. Birchum, to discuss the premiere of the animated series, Roseanne Barr’s comeback in it, how Hollywood is awful, the absurd media obsession with sleazy Stormy Daniels’ testimony at Donald Trump’s New York criminal trial, why the corporate press is hoping Trump gets humiliated, the overuse of the term “doctor,” and more.

Then, The Daily Wire’s Brett Cooper joins to discuss being a young, conservative actress in Los Angeles, the blowback she got in college for her views, the conservative voices who influenced her, the focus on unrealistic beauty standards in our culture, the dating “hellscape” for young women today, and more.

Finally, comedian Kyle Dunnigan joins to discuss his hilarious impressions and to play President Joe Biden talking about his campaign and teleprompter gaffes, Popsicle Donald Trump talking about his gag order and Daniels’ testimony, Kim Kardashian, Jeff Goldblum, and more.

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