Ep.784 Judge Violates Trump’s Free Speech, What Noem’s Lies Really Expose, and Met Gala Madness

Megyn is joined by Vivek Ramaswamy, host of The Truth Podcast, to talk about why the gag order on Donald Trump in his New York trial is a violation of his free speech, how the possibility of jail time for Trump will backfire on the left, why everyone stating opinions – including Trump – must be protected,  the “vibe of authority” in the corporate media today, how they’re hoping to humiliate Trump, the performative lies they tell, a former NBC and CNN reporter’s absurd description of her recent dinner with MAGA supporters, ABC News president Kim Godwin’s “retirement” after getting pushed out, the National Association of Black Journalists making the exit a racial issue, the “sword and shield” of DEI, bratty antisemitic college students protesting, how the younger generations are lacking meaning in their lives, the overreach of Congress’ new “antisemitism” bill, and more.

Then, Buck Sexton, co-host of The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, to talk about the way Gov. Kristi Noem’s “phony” exploitation of her identity has been happening for years, her “cult” of fans, whether she is actually conservative, how she was a frontrunner for vice president and why it’s important to be honest about what her new book exposes, the actual audio of Noem describing her dog killing story, how it reveals horrifying judgment, the value of truth and forthrightness when it comes to our politicians, near-nudity on the Met Gala red carpet, the disastrous effect of the Kardashians on our culture, men wearing dresses and the end of masculinity, and more.