Ep. 783 Judge Threatens to Jail Donald Trump, Kristi Noem’s Lies, and the ‘End of Everything’

Megyn is joined by Victor Davis Hanson, author of The End of Everything, to discuss the latest details in the sham trial of Donald Trump in New York, Trump getting fined again for violating the gag order, the judge threatening jail time, Lawrence O’Donnell’s embarrassing comments that made himself the center of the story, how Hope Hicks’ emotions on the stand were ridiculously psychoanalyzed by pundits, Nathan Wade’s softball interview with ABC’s Linsey Davis, his claim that his “personal life” shouldn’t matter and the only issue is a “workplace romance” with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, lessons on what reporters should be asking Wade, former Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby hoping for a pardon, the ongoing fallout from Gov. Kristi Noem’s new book, the lie about an alleged meeting with North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, how she is ruining her chances at vice president, her evolving physical appearance and persona, her failed attempt to look “strong” by writing about killing her puppy, what’s happening now on elite college campuses, claims of emotional distress that should require canceling finals, why top universities will go the way of Bud Light and Target, the topics in Hanson’s new book, how wars in the past and today could bring about “the end,” what signs of decline to look out for in America that could signal “the end,” and more.