Ep. 782 America United Against Elite Brats, Trump Lawyer Grills Stormy Lawyer, and Noem’s Puppy Excuse

Megyn begins the show addressing the chaos at UCLA where protesters clashed with police and hundreds were arrested, some actually admitting they want to take down the institutions of America, and more.

Then, the hosts of The Fifth Column – Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, and Matt Welch – join to discuss students claiming their colleges are founded on violent colonialism, the anti-American protests continuing, whiny students at elite universities being completely out of touch and losing support, the irony of Ivy League students demanding food and water and pretending they’re in need of “humanitarian aid,” the ridiculousness of Columbia University protest leader Johannah King-Slutzky, the UNC frat brothers who protected the American flag, the more than $430,000 dollars raised to throw the fraternity a party, the fiery exchanges between Donald Trump’s lawyer and Stormy Daniels’ former attorney during cross-examination, what Megyn thinks will happen with the trial, how Gov. Kristi Noem is blaming “fake news” for the reaction to her story about killing her puppy, whether she’s out of the ‘veepstakes’ now, and more.