Ep. 780 Latest Freakout Over Trump, Kamala as America’s ‘Momala’, and Anti-American Brats

Megyn begins the show by discussing the chaos on college campuses with anti-Israel and anti-America brats, police finally making hundreds of arrests, University of North Carolina students taking a stand and putting the American flag back up, and more.

Then, Batya Ungar-Sargon, author of Second Class, joins to discuss why this crop of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish protesters actually hate America, how some Jewish students are fighting back but others just want to go to school, how America’s elites are increasingly out-of-touch, why President Joe Biden’s “student debt forgiveness” for art students will backfire in the election, Drew Barrymore’s over-the-top reaction to Vice President Kamala Harris, why celebrities like Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon don’t understand what matters to average Americans, why the country does not need a “hug” from “Momala” but rather effective policies from the Biden administration, the media obsession with the absurd New York criminal trial of Donald Trump, the freakout over Trump’s new Time Magazine profile, Biden’s education secretary sparring with a GOP senator over radical gender ideology in schools, and more.