Ep. 779 Trump Shakedown Exposed, and Loser Students Occupy Columbia, with Andy McCarthy, More

Megyn calls out the agitators and protesters who are breaking into and occupying buildings at Columbia University, the pro-Hamas students stopping a Jewish student from attending class at UCLA, and more.

Then, National Review’s Andy McCarthy and attorneys Julian Epstein and Lexie Rigden join to discuss the way the biased Judge Juan Merchan is setting former President Donald Trump up to be convicted with his rulings in the New York criminal trial, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s bizarre prosecution strategy, Bragg’s lack of authority to enforce federal election law, why it shouldn’t matter legally if Trump paid Stormy Daniels in an effort to influence the 2016 election, the prosecution’s misrepresentation of why Michael Cohen actually went to jail, the judge blocking key details from the jury, the sleazy shakedown of Trump that’s being exposed with Daniels’ former attorney on the stand, how former President Bill Clinton’s scandals were treated differently than Trump’s by the press, and more.

Finally, Carrie Sheffield, author of Motorhome Prophecies, joins to discuss her turbulent upbringing, her father claiming to be a Mormon prophet, her ability to overcome her circumstances and attend BYU and Harvard, turning her abuse into fuel for career success, how she became Christian after years of being agnostic, and more.