Ep. 777 Kristi Noem Shoots Her Puppy, Campus Chaos Continues, and Trans Ideology with Kids

Megyn is joined by Michael Knowles, host of The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles Show, to discuss Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) writing in her memoir about shooting her puppy, the political malpractice of admitting she killed her excited dog, whether humans are too attached to their pets, George Stephanopoulos and the press highlighting the “abnormal” criminal trial of Donald Trump, why the left and the media are actually to blame for the loss of “norms,” how the trial affects the Trump campaign and the 2024 election, Drew Barrymore’s cringe interview with Vice President Kamala Harris, Harris having nothing of substance to say, a Columbia University ‘encampment’ student leader calling for Zionists to die, protesters revealing themselves to be anti-American, a terrible CNN poll for President Joe Biden, new pro-trans ideology court ruling, and more.

Then, Erin Friday, California lawyer and co-lead of Our Duty USA, joins to discuss how she saved her daughter from radical transgender ideology, her daughter’s ‘gender affirming’ experience in middle school, why she’s fighting to change the laws in California, how transgender ideology can lead to grooming and pedophilia on social media, how pornography is changing sexual habits, and more.