Ep. 776 Petty Trump Prosecution, Presidential Immunity Question, and Biden’s Pause Gaffe

Megyn is joined by Piers Morgan, host of Piers Morgan Uncensored, to discuss his viral confrontation with “Crackhead Barney,” her harassment of Alec Baldwin, whether it’s all just a performative, what it says about Palestinian support, why we’ve seen a rise of antisemitism after October 7, the challenges of both legal and illegal immigration in American and the U.K., how petty the prosecution of former president Donald Trump is in New York, why Bill Clinton’s affair was more egregious, Meghan Markle’s continued victimhood, and more.

Then, Harmeet Dhillon, founder of Dhillon Law Group, joins to discuss the arguments about “presidential immunity” before the Supreme Court today, the major implications for Trump’s pending legal cases, how it could impact past presidents, why Harvey Weinstein’s conviction being overturned by a New York appeals court could help Trump in his ‘hush money’ trial, and more.

Finally, Sara Gonzales, host of Sara Gonzales Unfiltered, and Josh Hammer, host of America on Trial with Josh Hammer, join to discuss President Joe Biden’s embarrassing “pause” gaffe, how it could affect the 2024 election, the staged “four more years” chant, how our enemies must be laughing at us, what to do with antisemitic students on college campuses, and more.