Ep. 773 NBC “Catch and Kill” Hypocrisy, Alec Baldwin Harassed, and What Is a Woman Lawsuit

Megyn is joined by legal experts Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis to discuss the hearing over whether former President Donald Trump violated the gag order in his New York ‘hush money’ case, whether the charges were brought in an attempt to interfere with the election, if Trump is allowed to comment on the jury, witnesses, and judge, the truth about what Trump is actually being charged with and how, whether a conviction would get overturned on appeal, the one legal professor who called out the case in The New York Times, what prosecutors allege by “unlawful means,” federal law vs. state law, NBC and MSNBC’s hypocrisy about “checkbook journalism”  and “catch and kill,” the role of the National Enquirer in the case, what NBC did with Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer, Alec Baldwin being harassed by an anti-Israel protester, his remarkable restraint during the encounter, anti-Israel campus chaos in New York City and beyond, and more.

Then, Sall Grover, CEO of the Giggle app, and her lawyer Katherine Deves, join to discuss to discuss her women-only social app being sued for barring a biological man from joining, their history of standing up for women’s rights, why women need ‘female only’ spaces, the implications of deciding what a ‘woman’ is, the lawsuits related to radical transgender ideology ahead, Mr. Beast co-star “becoming a woman,” and more.