Ep. 769 NPR Whistleblower Resigns, Smug Elites, and the Reality of the Disparity in Sports Pay

Megyn is joined by Andrew Klavan, host of The Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan Show, to talk about NPR whistleblower Uri Berliner resigning after his piece for The Free Press piece, new details revealed about NPR’s woke CEO Katherine Maher, her lamenting that the First Amendment gives so much freedom and makes policing disinformation harder, Katie Couric’s claims that Trump voters are “anti-intellectuals,” actress Molly Ringwald bashing the movies she starred in, smug entertainers and media members, Caitlin Clark not making much money as a rookie in the WNBA, the decline of sports as money in professional sports rises, the truth about biological differences between men and women and pay disparities, TikTok’s use of a nun and a veteran in their new ads as a way to try to sway conservative support, the dangers of TikTok and social media more broadly, and more.