Ep. 768 Get to Know Trump Trial Jurors, and Closer Look at the Absurd Media Coverage of the Case

Megyn opens the show with her first edition of Fifty Shades of Orange, a dramatic reading of the ridiculous coverage of former President Donald Trump’s New York hush money trial, why it’s “foreplay for nerd reporters,” and more.

Then, Megyn is joined by Court TV’s Vinnie Politan and defense attorney Jonna Spilbor to discuss what we know about the seven jurors selected to serve on the Trump trial jury, whether having lawyers on a jury helps the prosecutor or the defense, the significance of the media outlets the jurors consume, Judge Juan Merchan attacking Trump over jury “intimidation” for muttering something quietly in the courtroom, Trump’s comments after court that could be used against him, the Karen Reed murder case, whether she committed the crime or was framed, the evidence that has been presented, whiny protesters in Bakersfield and Berkeley, California, an update on the Ruby Franke child abuse case, and more.