Ep. 765 Bizarre Pro-O.J. Simpson Spin, Media Stupidity or Lies, and the Woke Eating Their Own

Megyn is joined by Adam Carolla, host of The Adam Carolla Show, to discuss the ridiculous coverage around O.J. Simpson’s death and legacy, the media downplaying the double murder aspect of his history, the double standard when it comes to race, the reality of Simpson’s abusive past, the bizarre media coverage connecting Simpson to Donald Trump, the bizarre ongoing conspiracy theories that Megyn is Nicole Brown Simpson, what the rise of conspiracy theories tell us about society and the internet, the truth about the media’s bias despite the claims of objectivity, Carolla’s personal story about NPR’s obvious bias, whether the press is stupid or lying, the media coverage of the Dexter Reed police-involved shooting, the anti-Israel student protesting at a dinner she was invited to at a woke UC Berkeley law dean’s house, the bizarre lies the student is peddling now, the value of free speech in America vs. the rest of the world, the woke eating their own, the Tickle v. Giggle “what is a woman” lawsuit in Australia, Megyn’s star turn in Carolla’s new series Mr. Birchum, and more.