Ep. 764 O.J. Simpson Dies, Trump Trial ‘Election Interference,’ and Men in Women’s Spaces

Megyn begins the show with the breaking news of O.J. Simpson’s death at the age of 76, his legacy and infamy, the famous Bronco chase and trial, his series of legal troubles, why she believes he committed the double murder, and more.

Then, legal experts Viva Frei and Phil Holloway joins to discuss former President Donald Trump’s upcoming criminal “hush money” trial in New York, how it’s an example of “political persecution” and “election interference,” the potential outcomes in the trial, why Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels could become star witnesses, the New York City jury Trump faces, Alec Baldwin’s upcoming trial in the Rust movie set shooting, the officer-involved shooting of Dexter Reed in Chicago, the bodycam footage showing the events leading up to the initial gunfire, the media spin on the incident so far, and more.

Finally, Britt Mayer, founder of Rooted Wings, and Allie Beth Stuckey, host of BlazeTV’s Relatable, join to discuss men continuing to invade women’s spaces, the recent incident in a women’s locker room at Planet Fitness involving a man who was later arrested, Planet Fitness claiming it took correct action in the matter, new details on the biological male athlete who injured a girl in a Massachusetts basketball game, women being “empathy-shamed” over trans ideology, a male lawyer with giant fake breasts, how Trump’s abortion stance is splitting the right, Trump’s latest comments regarding his stance on reproductive rights, whether Trump’s stance will hurt him with the right and help him with the left, and more.