Ep. 761 How Corporate Media Protects Joe Biden, and a Plastic Surgeon’s Secrets for Younger Skin

Megyn is joined by Sage Steele, host of The Sage Steele Show, to discuss the full backstory to her scripted ESPN interview with President Joe Biden, how ESPN instructed her to not ask follow-ups and call First Lady Jill Biden “doctor,” how major news networks control the narrative, Keith Olbermann’s recent outrageous comments about Steele, his pathetic status despite former talent, his non-stop targeting of women, the NPR editor speaking out in a new Free Press article about the outrageous diversity, equity, and inclusion policies and coverage shift at the media outlet, the crazy new Salon article blaming MAGA for men punching women in New York City, why people are afraid to say they support former President Donald Trump, what’s really behind the rise in crime in NYC, whether the pendulum is swinging in the right direction when it comes to biological men in women’s sports, and more.

Then, Anthony Youn, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon and author of Younger For Life, joins to discuss anti-aging without plastic surgery, how early you should think about countering the effects of aging, the difference between sunscreen and sunblock, the importance of retinol and lasers, the benefits of collagen and bone broth, what the Kardashians really did to their bodies, how to slow aging without plastic surgery, Botox vs. fillers, possible plastic surgery complications, and more.