Ep. 757 Society Marginalizing Biological Women, Shakira Defending Men, and Lizzo’s Entitlement

Megyn is joined by Daily Mail columnist Maureen Callahan to discuss biological women marginalized in society in support of radical trans ideology, J.K. Rowling risking arrest over the ‘anti-trans’ Scotland hate crime law, men competing and winning in women sports, Shakira speaking out against the Barbie movie and defending men and boys in our culture today, how moms need to defend their sons as much as their daughters, why young men are leaving the left while Joe Rogan and other male podcasters are on the rise, Whoopi Goldberg’s hypocrisy when it comes to former President Donald Trump, people who want both male and female sex organs, Lizzo’s “entitlement” as she quits and un-quits making music after some social media criticism, Meghan Markle filming and posting about her charity work, and more.