Ep. 756 60 Minutes’ Shoddy ‘Havana Syndrome’ Report, and Hillary Attacking Undecided Voters

Megyn is joined by Glenn Greenwald, host of Rumble’s System Update, to discuss the shoddy 60 Minutes report on ‘Havana Syndrome’ missing crucial context, what we know about Havana Syndrome that was left out of the report, the media’s obsession with Russia, CBS News portraying partisans as objective and not presenting the other side, the report relying on far-fetched conspiracy theories, Hillary Clinton back in the news telling voters concerned about 2024 choices of Donald Trump and Joe Biden to “get over yourself,” the downfall of late night shows due to the hosts’ focus on politics, why Trump should be happy if Clinton is back out there on the trail, Ronna McDaniel’s case against NBC News after getting railroaded on-air, what it reveals about NBC’s partisanship, the truth about McDaniel’s role in the modern GOP, Robert F. Kennedy’s case for why Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than Trump, Sage Steele’s shocking story about her interview with Biden on ESPN, and more.